ICPE organized the 10th edition of the conference dedicated to electric vehicles.

EV 2012 was an event that brought together experts from the academies and industry, local authorities and government representatives as well as all stakeholders of environmental protection by promoting an environmentally friendly transport based on electric vehicles.

EV 2012 was an international event that brought together:


EV 2012 – 50 Years By Electric Way consisted of:

  • Scientific conference – oral or poster presentation
  • Workshops with current topics in the field of electric vehicles
  • Exhibitions of products
  • Demonstrations with electric vehicles
  • Opening Day “The Electric Vehicle – The car of the future”

October 4, 2012 Programme

October 5, 2012 Programme

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How many people are aware that the fuel cell was invented “a half of century before people got on the Moon with it’s help” (prof. I. Solomon, President of the French Physics Society)?

How about the fact that the first car with aerodynamic shape was built by Aurel Perşu in 1923 ?
We want all these important technical Romanian accomplishments to be known all around the country and abroad.
To help promote these achievements, we brought at EV 2012  The Romanian Technical Museum, which also hosts among many other outstanding pieces:
  • The car with aerodynamic shape “Aurel Persu”, the first of its kind in the world because of the wheels included in the aerodynamic line. It was built in 1923 and patented in 1924. The inventor has used it over 100,000 km.
  • The Karpen cells with gold and platinum electrodes, built by Vasilescu Karpen .
  • The Individual aircraft which was first made ​​and patented in 1958 by Justin Capra in 1958
  • The Edison dynamo (1884) that powered the National Theatre
The Romanian Technical Museum presented, exclusively at EV 2012, the first electric car made ​​in Romania!

EV 2012 was an opportunity to meet with key players in the field and to develop partnerships with the most valuable specialists from Romania and abroad.

EV 2012 – 50 Years by Electric Way covered topics on the Electric vehicles, Infrastructure and Energy management, including (but not limited to) the following themes : Electric machines concepts in propulsion systems, Electric Mobility trends – Concepts, Utilities, Infrastructure.

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About the Patriarchal Palace

The building now called the Patriarchal Palace, was built by the Romanian state in the early twentieth century on the former hall of the Assembly of Deputies of the Hill of the Church in Bucureşti. The old hall of the Assembly of Deputies with the corresponding land belonged to the Romanian Country Church which were based on existing buildings surrounding the cathedral on Church Hill, according to the historical documents.