EV 2015

October 2015 brought the 11th edition of the only major event in Romania in the field of electric mobility. EV 2015 made Icpe Solar Park to be colored in green, celebrating within 10 years after the establishment of AVER – Association for the promotion of electric vehicles in Romania.

EV 2015 as the hub for electric mobility professionals, but also for electric cars enthusiasts. The conference which was held between 1 and 3 October in Icpe Solar Park, brought together a number of national and international specialists in the field, who presented scientific papers closely related to electric mobility and renewable energy.

1. Electric Vehicles

1.1. Electric and hybrid vehicles , system architecture concepts and components
1.2. Electric vehicle propulsion, power electronics and motor drivesÂ
1.3. EV Energy sources, storage technologies & Intelligent control of energy flows

2. Infrastructure for electric mobility

2.1. Infrastructure for large urban cities
2.2. Technical solutions for local communities and isolated areas
2.3. Use of renewable energy

3. Policies and strategies in the field of electric mobility

3.1. EU strategies , EV standards, policy, education, market
3.2. Romanian policy

W1 – FP7 projects: FreeMoby, Plus Moby, Go4SEM

W2 – Inovative solutions for e-mobility – Simopel

W3 – E-mobility – New trends H2020 Projects

Renault Romania
Renovatio Mobility
Porsche Romania
Mitsubishi Motors
Toyota Bucuresti SUD
E-motion Electic
Phoenix Contact
DBV Research

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Icpe Solar Park is the first experimental base with outdoor component in renewable energy from Romania, providing laboratories for characterization of renewable technologies, the first Romanian photovoltaic application integrated into the facade of a building specific applications of photovoltaic, solar thermal, small wind power, type tracker systems, heat pumps, components for electric mobility.

Icpe Solar Park is a functional pilot that educate the public in the spirit of environmental preservation, encourage the use of renewable energies and the understanding of the concept of sustainable development.

The scientific, tehnical and experimental capabilities created by the construction of Icpe Solar Park provides a complete package of ESCo services, which guarantee the success of the investment project.